Venice, the Bride Of the Sea

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There are they say, a hundred ways to reach Rome. Well there are an equally large number of ways to get to Venice too for memorable Venice vacations. You can really travel to Venice on any of the modes that suit you. You can drive yourself, take a bus or a train, fly down or even come here by ship. The choice is yours. Let me give you some more details that may be relevant.

How I Traveled Tuscany In 15 Days

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Having a vehicle offers the advantage of saving much of your time than waiting for the public transportation to pick you each time to go somewhere. But, this also comes with lots to take care such as the hidden costs for that you may not be prepared. Here are some valuable tips to hiring a car or vehicle: Get basic package Save money by hiring a car offering basic package. The hiring firms are expensive. You can find online agents […]

The best 14 beaches around the world

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Delphi has survived the ravages of earthquakes and time, although it is hard for us today to imagine why this remote place was the centre of the ancient world. However, it was the home of the sun god Apollo and visited by the rich, famous and nobility of the day. Delphi is most famous for the oracle, which attracted the visitors to the site. All of them wanted to have advice from Apollo given to them by his priestess. The […]

Things That Make You Love And Hate Sicily

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It is easier than you think to set up luxury travel plans with great upgrades. Yet you don’t have to pay full price for them. In fact, you can often get those rewards without paying much more than you would for the basics. It all comes down to finding the best deals and putting them in motion. Rather than spending a great deal of time to do this, you can get it done through a provider. There are luxury travel […]