2.2 Header customization

1. Logo header

Click “Select file” and upload your logo or choose a file from the library.
Better if is a PNG with transparent background.

Best size: 70PX height. You should leave some transparent pixels around it for a perfect fit.

2. Menu layout

  1. Logo and normal menu:
  2. Logo on the left, burger menu
  3. Burger menu, logo on the left
  4. Burger menu, centered logo

3. Default header background image

Used as header background when no featured image is defined.

4. Transparent header

When active, the header will go under the menu. Otherwise, the menu will have a color background.

5. Off canvas background

This theme can have an off canvas menu. It’s the default menu for mobile, but you can choose it also for desktop resolutions using the “Menu Layout” setting we will see below.

In the “off canvas” sidebar can have a background under the logo, like this:



6. Enable watch later function

Will display a Watch Later icon on most of the post items, and the post will be added to a header menu.

7. Add search to header

8. Secondary header

This bar is for desktop only, to allow some extra functionality on desktop experience. aaIf enabled, allows you to display:

  • Secondary menu
  • Social icons
  • Youtube channel and user follow links

9. Call to action

The call to action appears only in the secondary header, it is made by 3 parts:

“Call to action” text

The text before the button

Any URL.

“Call to action” anchor

The text of the button.

Important: both the link and the anchor needs to be compiled to make the button appear.

10. Youtube channel follow

Only appears if the secondary header is on. Grab the ID from a youtube channel:





WIll output a channel follow link:

11. Youtube user follow

Only appears if the secondary header is on. Grab the user from a user URL:


Will output a user follow button:

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