1.5 Plugins updates

Bundled plugins update

When you update the theme, go in Plugins. If any plugin needs an update  you’ll see a notice at the top of the page. Just follow the instruction for the automatic procedure.

If this procedure is not allowed on your server, please find the most recent version of the plugins in the theme subfolder TG;-plugin-activation/plugins.

From there, you can upload the plugin manually or unzip them in local, and upload them via FTP, in wp-content/plugins, and replace the old plugin folders.

Please always make a backup of your actual plugins before updating them.

Visual Composer plugin version.

If you see any message asking to provide a purchase code of the bundled plugins, you can simply discard the message.

If you want, it’s up to you to purchase a Personal License on Codecanyon.net, which will grant access to automatic plugin updates and premium support from the plugin author, but we can’t guarantee that the updated versions will work smoothly as the bundled one, because it may not be tested with the current theme version.

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