5.0 News posts

This theme can have 3 type of posts:

  1. Standard posts
  2. Video posts
  3. Tutorial posts

In this chapter we will see the standard posts.

If you are new to WordPress, please start from the official article here:

Standard posts are created when no videos are in the page (if you add videos they will be recognized as Video posts by default), the post format is on Standard,  and you leave the Post Template option on Default or “Choose One”.



To manage author details, go to Users->All Users or Users->Your profile.

Here you can manage author social links, biography and gravatars.


Author thumbnail

The author thumbnail is managed via standard Gravatar image.
How to use gravatars in WordPress ->

Author social

To manage the social icons, add the social link to each respective social channel

In the next chapters we will see how to manage Video posts and Tutorial posts.


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